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Why I Want to Blog

For my first BetterWealth blog post, I want to explain why I’m creating an online journal. When I started BetterWealth, I designed the business to be about customer relationships, high quality of service and education. In my 15 years in this industry, I’ve found that clients are more likely to succeed in an ever-changing landscape when they have a solid understanding of decision-making. And I’ve learned that my role as an ongoing educator for my clients is critical.

This blog is one of several learning tools that I’ll be providing to clients and interested parties. I will also be creating podcasts and videos in which I’ll address a variety of topics in different formats. I’m going to take a creative approach and I welcome your feedback on what works best for you.

Teaching is core to who I am. My first career was as a high school science teacher. I later spent many years as a leadership coach and educator. I’m now using these skills and my passion to educate as an advisor at BetterWealth, where I help people make sense of their investing and understand a better way to attain their financial goals.

As an instructor, I help people know what’s important and what’s not regarding financial news. People ask: “What will happen when the Fed raises rates? Will China’s slowing economy affect my investments? Are stocks too risky today? Can my retirement account survive the next bear market?” I’ll address these and similar issues to help you navigate these changing financial waters.

There are many things that create investor concern and not all of them are productive or helpful. We live in a busy, complicated, dynamic world, and we don’t always know where to go for help in sorting through the clutter and confusion. I’m glad to help.

I’ll also address two key investment topics: fees and the value of professional advice. I’ll tell you when and where I believe financial advice might be valuable or worth the fee.

As I roll out these multimedia posts, my goal is to take a closer look at various current events and financial topics that are relevant to individual investors. I’ll use this forum to help you better understand the issue, know whether it’s something that requires you to act, and how it might affect your financial roadmap. For me, this is the essence of the enlightened discipline that I offer through BetterWealth.

As a Certified Financial Planner, I work in San Jose, the Silicon Valley, with executives and their families.

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