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Enlightened Discipline

To keep you on track | Control what you can | Achieve what matters

Keeping you on track

Most people don’t track their progress. It’s a post-sale service that most advisers don’t deliver with excellence, yet it’s critical to your success. Tracking helps you keep disciplined because you understand where you really stand, not just what the media is promoting.

Here’s how we help you track your progress:

  • Providing relentless focus on goals
  • Showing achievement metrics towards written goals
  • Keeping you on track for success
  • Ensuring you adhere to your defined personal financial discipline
  • Reviewing your one-page BetterPlan in every meeting

Here’s what we focus on:

  • Managing and Lowering Risk
  • Protecting Your Income Earning Ability
  • Protecting Your Assets & Wishes
  • Staying Disciplined
  • Creating a Dynamic Financial Plan  - Your BetterPlan

Control what you can

Successful people focus on what they can control. Your financial plan is no different. Focus on what you can control: risk, input, output, and discipline. When you understand what you can control and you take measures to control that to the best of your ability, what you can't control is less of a distraction in your financial life. 

Achieve what matters

The purpose of financial planning isn’t just financial security; it’s about helping you achieve what matters most. Unfortunately, what matters seems to get lost in the financial application of strategies, solutions and software as well as through media bombardment.

When you can tie your actions to your goals, it gives you the perspective to act smartly versus emotionally. When your financial plan is goal oriented, you are much more likely to achieve success as you’ve defined it.

When you’re working towards what matters, finding your discipline is so much easier...and rewarding.

What matters most to you?

  • Life
  • Family
  • Career
  • Community
  • Giving
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Education