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Proactive Financial Planning Thumbnail

Proactive Financial Planning

In a football game, no one wants to be down by two or three touchdowns at half time. That would mean you need to be absolutely perfect the rest of the game, avoiding mistakes and working that much harder than the other team to play catch up all the way!

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The Power of Investment Policy Statements Thumbnail

The Power of Investment Policy Statements

My problem with the standard IPS is that it really doesn’t help clients better understand their current portfolio and whether they are on track to meet their goals. We can do better. Much better.

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Why I Want to Blog Thumbnail

Why I Want to Blog

This blog is one of several learning tools that I’ll be providing to clients and interested parties. I will also be creating podcasts and videos in which I’ll address a variety of topics in different formats. I’m going to take a creative approach and I welcome your feedback on what works best for you.

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